Why Choose Lake Village

A perfect hideaway with captivating and comfortable surroundings, homely and attentive service, Ayurvedic therapy (5000 year old Indian system of medical science), Yoga and meditation.

Why Choose

Experienced Doctors

Our experienced Dr.Seena Rajendran, Director of Ayurveda is at your service to help you explore and experience this unique and effective form of medicine.

Why Choose

Relaxed Environment

The bunglows offered are the most cosy and comfortable retreat. The winding pathways across the courtyards leading to the houses are fringed with granite sculptures, all merging with the beauty of the land.

Why Choose

Outdoor Activities

Ethereal calm pervades the place at sunset and soft music flows like fragrance far out in the lake. A thousand lights gleam from the fishing rafts, matching the heavens lit by countless stars.

Ayurvedic Center


At Windsor, Ayurvedic Center, provides you to loot the goodness of both Ayurveda treatment and panchkarma. We got a fully equipped treatment center .


Ayurveda is not just a system of medicine; it is indeed a science and a way of life. Legend has it that the Ayurvedic system of medicine was instructed to the ancient sages by the God's themselves.

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